We need some volunteers who can work with the Africa Heritage Committee. Students, housewives, businessmen, elders, or anyone who is interested in .... international cultural exchange, Africa, Volunteering, making new friends, running events, creativity, use a little of your free time to volunteer. Who wants to get involved as member of Africa heritage? You can get involve with us in any way. (No compulsion) Let's get together and give a great festival so that we can spread the attraction of Africa. Feel free to ask any question about volunteering.

【Africa Heritage Committee】
TEL: 045-479-2275
TEL: 042-707-1900
FAX: 042-633-0723
E-mail: info★africaheritage.jp (※★を半角の@に置き換えてください。)

Applicant, Please fax us or email us fill in the application here.
FAX: 042-633-0723
E-mail: info★africaheritage.jp (※★を半角の@に置き換えてください。)

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  10. Experience of Volunteering.
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  11. What kind of volunteering would you prefer to do?
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