Tee Jay

Role: Africa Heritage Committee Representative


I would like to get people to know about Africa in Japan and spread the charm of Africa's heritage and heritage. In particular, I hope that children, who will be responsible for Japan's future, will gain an international sense through cross-cultural exchange and use it to help them in the future. We would be happy if we could serve as a conduit between Africa and Japan in terms of business and promote African Heritage so that it could lead to future development.


Role: Chores (anything I can do)


People often ask me, "Even though I'm Japanese, why do I focus on African (country) culture instead of Japanese culture?" In the end, I ended up simply because I love Africa. (For some reason, when I learn about Africa (each country), I learn things about Japan that I didn't know or noticed, so it's both surprising and fun.)Currently, my activities are limited due to work and family circumstances. I haven't been able to participate much.