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NGO Africa Heritage Committee

About NGO Africa Heritage Committee

The meaning of Africa Heritage is "property of Africa inherited". We would like to introduce this precious inherited African culture in Japan, and give an opportunity for people in Japan to have an international exchange. We believe that it's important to be in a multi-cultural environment, esecially for children. We want them to grow up with an international mind set, so in the future, thay are capable of getting involved in multi-cultural conditions. We are also trying to develop communities.

For the future of children in Africa and Japan

NGO Africa Heritage Committee's main activity is aimed for children. It's simply because children will be leading the world in the future.
We believe that it's fundamental for children (our next generation) to inherit our great culture to grow the better society and world.
You may wonder why getting Japanese children inherit African culture? Compared to Europe, America, or other Asian countries, Africa looks much further and more difficult to familiarize yourself with.
What do they eat? What do they were? How do they sing and dance? For children, Africa is full of mysteries and it would be exciting to find answers to those questions. and experiencing various cultures would stimulate children's great sensitivity.
The chain reaction of "unknown"→"unconcern" should be replaced to; "aware of"→"interested"→"LOVE IT!" NGO Africa Heritage Committee is willing to trigger this chain reaction!
"How strange!" "Super funny" "So Cool!" Children's honest feeling towards unfamilar culture would enrich thier sensivility and creativity in the future, we believe.
Our children will explor the world and live globally in the future. Various races and different values are waiting for them outside of Japan. We hope NGO African Heritage Festival can give a chance for children to feel more familiar with multi-cultural environment in the future.
We want you to see, hear, touch, eat, and feel Africa alive. To experience a real African culture is the biggest attraction of this event.
While sharing the African culture with Japanese children, it is also essential to let African children know thier own culture and preserve it as inherited.
In Africa, it's not surprised to meet kids without education, due to the porverty and poor social conditions.
NGO Africa Heritage Committee had wondered how we could support those African children from Japan, and "School Project" has just launched.
We're still on a planning stage. First of all, we are selling charity goods at festival to raise funds. One of our products is "African Toy Drum" that resembles to African Djembe drums.
Purchasing this toy drum for Japanese children will help to build a school for African children. This is a small step, but a important step to connect Japanese children with African children. "Introducing African culture in Japan" and "Building a school in Africa". We are making a structure to make those two happen simultaneously.
We highly appreciate your kind understanding and cooperation.


Building a new relationship through cultural exchange between Africa and Japan. Contributing to make a rich society and encourange international exchange, beyond the area and field.





Africa Heritage means "property of Africa inherited". Africa Heritage Festival lets you know about the African culture, lifestyle, foods, songs and dances, everything about Africa!


Spreading African Culture

Lifestyle, food, music, dance, art, traditional Africa to latest happenings... we would like to introduce various atractive African cultures and help to understand them.

Healty growth for children

Interacting with various culture through workshop would help children to grow up with an international mind set, so in the future, they are capable of getting involved in multi-cultural conditions.
To build a better relationship between Africa and Japan, we want children, who will carry the future of Japan, to get to know more about Africa.
Provide a chance for African-rooted children living in Japan to directly get in touch with African culture.

International community development

Set Sagamihara as a cultural exchange base of Africa and Japan.
Help to understande African-rooted foreigners living in Japan, and arrange a place for international exchange and communication.
Be a bridge between Africa and Japan in the area of business development.

The reason to host a festival in Sagamihara

Even though there are a number of African-rooted foreigners living in Sagamihara, including children, Africa still seems very far from Japan, and we don't have much opportunity to feel African culture here. We would like to create an occation to let Sagamihara citizen know and get interested in the appeal of Africa. Lots of hands-on workshops for children are arranged at festival, in that it's important especially for children to know about Africa to establish a better relationship between Africa and Japan in the future. We would be very happy if you experience real Africa and feel closer to African countries at the festival. We hope that Sagamihara can be a cultural exhcange base between Africa and Japan.