africa heritage committee

School Project in Ghana

Plan to build a school for African children

Our next generation, children are very important. We would like to inherit African traditional culture and history to children who will carry our future. NGO Africa Heritage Committee, consisting of African living in Japan and Japanse loving Africa, was formed in Japan. We are trying to let children in Japan know, feel familiar to, and understand Africa through festivals. We believe that children will be a great help to develop an international exchange between Africa and Japan, if they familiazed themselves to Africa while young. We also need to tell children in Africa, the importance of knowing and learning thier own inheritance. NGO Africa Heritage Committee is planning to build a school for African children, not only to learn by textbooks, but also African traditional culture such as music, dance, art, and sport which can be learned by experience. The school must be free for children, and also open even for youth and adults who are willing to learn traditional culture. We would like to train teachers so that they will be independently teaching children by themselves in the end. We hope that children from the school can spread African culture to the world in the future. To provide an learning environment is necessary, especially for children in less-developed area, without parents, or unable to attend school due to porverty. At present, our first attempt to build a school in Ghana has just started. In the future, we would like to invite Japanese children to this school in Africa, and let them communicate to deepen understanding each other. For Japanese children, it would be a great opportunity to understand different culture, and broaden thier view on the world.

Donation for "School Project"

The managing fund for "School Project" is supplied by the profits of African Heritage goods and donation raised by everyone. At festival, we are selling African Heritage original goods to raise the funds for this project. There will be a donation box at festival as well. We will highly appreciate your kind cooperation and contribution to make our project come true. Donation by bank transfer is also very welcome. Please contact NGO Africa Heritage Committee;