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Africa Heritage Committee is a non-profit organization established in 2009, and approved as NGO by the Republic of Ghana. The meaning of Africa Heritage is “property of Africa inherited”. We believe that it is important to pass on this precious inherited African culture to foster people with a rich sense of humanity. Traditional culture has a power to make people feel enriched as well as to restore confidence which people are losing these days. Furthermore, traditional culture can contribute to the revitalization of our community.
Activities of Africa Heritage Committee include educational welfare activities, community development through festivals, children support activities through musical entertainments, and “School Project” for African children. The objectives of our activities are to contribute to the fostering of children and to the development of our communities through introducing African traditional culture. At the same time, we also provide business owners, companies, and investors with counseling and support for their investment and expansion of their business to African countries and from African countries for the sake of international cooperation and economic development.

General Manager Tony Justice

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2019 Event Schedule is Updated

16-17/April/2016 Africa Heritage Festival In ZOORASIA

23-24/April/2016 Africa Heritage Festival In ZOORASIA

3-5/May/2016 Africa Heritage Festival @ Center-Kita Station

11-12/June/2016 Africa Heritage Festival @ Tama Plaza

9-10/July/2016 Africa Hibiya Festival @ Hibiya Park

20-21/August/2016 Respect Jamaica Festival @ Hibiya Park

April 11(Sat), 12(Sun), May 2-6 2015 @ Zoorasia African Festa In ZOORASIA

May 9(Sat),10(Sun) 2015 Machida Festival

July 11(Sat),12(Sun) 2015 Hibiya Festival

Djembe workshop by Daouda Sylla will be held on December 20(Sat) and 21(Sun) from 13:00 at restaurant NOVINYE.

A member of Africa Heritage Committee relaesed an African Drum CD!! Available at NOVINYE! Come to NOVINYE to get the CD or contact Africa Heritage Committee by an E-mail (

Christmas Festival will be held from December 20(Sat) to 25(Thur) at restaurant Novinye (Sagamihara, Kanagawa)

Halloween Festival 2014 Charity Report

Halloween Festival was held on October 25(Sat) and 26(Sun) at restaurant Novinye (Sagamihara, Kanagawa)

Africa Hibiya Festival was held on July 12(Sat) and 13(Sun) at Hibiya Park (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)

Africa Heritage Festival 2014 Charity Report

Respect Jamaica Festival was held on May 30(Fri)~June 1(Sun) at Sagami-Ono Chuo (Central) Park

Africa Heritage Festival was held on April 25(Fri)~27(Sun) at Sagami-Ono Chuo (Central) Park

Please provide any available goods and materials to "School Project"

Semi-World Festival 2013 Charity Report

Semi World Festival was held on September 21(Sat)~23(Mon) at Fuchinobe Park (Sagamihara)

Africa Heritage Glee Club members are wanted.

Recruit: Africa Heritage staff is wanted.